WPs & Deliverables

Hi-Prix Workplan

START: 1 January 2023 

END: 31 December 2025

DURATION: 36 months

Workplan description

HI-PRIX work plan is organized into 10 work packages. WPs from 1 to 8 are scientific WPs

Mapping of payment and pricing schemes for health innovation in the EU: implementation, barriers and enablers

  • D 1.1 Stakeholders judgement on barriers and enablers of novel payment/pricing schemes
  • D 1.2 Policy recommendations about successful and flexible implementation of the different schemes to promote access to high-quality affordable innovative health technologies

Role of Public Contributions to the Development of Health Innovations and its Integration in Value Assessment and Pricing / Reimbursement Decisions

  • D 2.1 Guidance (Handbook) on estimations (ranges) of cost elements along the value chain for demanding detailed information in price negotiations
  • D 2.2 Set of recommendations for using the public investment in the negotiation/HTA process and pilot example how price can be different if public investment is considered

Widening the scope of economic evaluations for pricing and reimbursement decisions: the role of indirect medical cost and environmental impact

  • D 3.1 Equity implications of including indirect medical costs and environmental impacts in economic evaluations informing pricing and reimbursement
  • D 3.2 Policy guide on the role of cost-effectiveness and budget impact analyses (including indirect medical costs and environmental impacts) in pricing and reimbursement decisions in different European decision contexts

Pricing dynamics throughout the lifecycle of pharmaceutical products

  • D 4.1 A novel dynamic pricing model that links to clinical benefit: impact and acceptability for stakeholders
  • D 4.2 Recommendations on pricing principles for multi-indication products and conditions for their successful implementation 

Novel payment schemes and methods and planning for purchasing and delivering services that incorporate novel technologies or products

  • D 5.1 Impact of applying the new payment schemes to (a) a primary care and (b) an integrated care setting
  • D 5.2 Assessment of transferability and generalizability of results and development of a toolkit for decision-makers

Impact of innovative payment schemes on longterm competition in health technology markets, in particular the pharmaceutical market

  • D 6.1 Report on contextualization of simulation results and synthesis of findings with regard to the current use and the regulatory measures, levers and barriers to the widespread practical implementation of the respective payment schemes and their impact on long-term competition in health technology markets

Incentives for pharmaceutical innovation and equitable access to innovation

  • D 7.1 Effectiveness and equity implications of selected pharmaceutical innovation policies and incentive mechanisms
  • D 7.2 Strength of incentive mechanisms and policy recommendations to incentivize pharmaceutical innovation in key areas of need

Equity-Issues Mitigation Strategies in Innovation Pricing and Payment Models

  • D 8.1 Outline of the equity-issues mitigation strategies identified, and related potential obstacles
  • D 8.2 Report on the overall performance of a selection of equity-issues mitigation strategies and recommendations

Dissemination and communication

  • D 9.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan
  • D 9.2 Data Management Plan
  • D 9.3 Updated DPM
  • D 9.4 Launch of Project Website 

Coordination and project management

  • D 10.2 Project management book