XXVIII AIES National Conference

Aies 4
Rome, Italy

On December 6th 2024, Vittoria Ardito and Ludovico Cavallaro, researchers at the Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management (CERGAS) of SDA Bocconi, presented their studies at the XXVIII AIES National Conference held in Rome as part of the "Session on Health Technologies and Innovations."

Ms. Ardito presented the study titled "Methods to Measure Technologies and to Include Them in Economic Evaluations," co-authored with Helen Banks, Niccolò Cusumano, and Rosanna Tarricone. This study was based on the results from WP3 (Widening the scope of economic evaluations for pricing and reimbursement decisions: the role of indirect medical cost and environmental impact).

Mr. Cavallaro presented the study titled "Investigating the Nature and Scope of Innovation Payment and Pricing Schemes for Health Technologies," co-authored with Vittoria Ardito, Michael Drummond, and Oriana Ciani. This study was based on the results from WP1 (Mapping of payment and pricing schemes for health innovation in the EU: implementation, barriers, and enablers).

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